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Gastrointestinal Problems & Covid-19

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

While we pay attention to what’s going on in the world concerning the latest in health news about the novel corona virus and Covid-19 data, we are thinking of you and how this pandemic crisis can affect our patients directly.

Don't be concerned or afraid. We have answers for you.

Reviewing research from Chinese scientists and new information collected by Stanford University, it has been gathered that nearly half of all corona virus patients suffer gastrointestinal symptoms and related digestive problems. Even when flu-like or respiratory symptoms were not present, some patients with Covid-19 experienced nausea, appetite loss, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal bleeding and other similar GI problems. Diarrhea can commonly be the first sign of a Covid-19 infection before fever or flu symptoms develop, if those symptoms even develop at all.

What does this mean if you already have GI issues?

Results did not find people with prior diagnosed gastrointestinal disorders, like Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), to be more prone to catching the corona virus. In other words, having IBD or any other gastrointestinal disease, doesn’t increase your risk for Covid-19. Although, some new classes of immune-modulation medications can make patients more susceptible to the virus infection, so ask your prescribing doctors if you have questions about the medicines you are currently taking in relation to corona virus risk.

Boost you immunity with simple probiotic food solutions, like yogurt, honey, ground flaxseed powder, ground nuts, etc. A daily five to ten minute personal exercise regimen can help also. We recommend yoga-like exercises to improve your spinal extension and core strength.

If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, you may be wondering if you should venture out to see a doctor… We recommend taking all precautions and measures necessary to ensure your health and protect your family.

  • Wear masks in indoor public places and practice sanitation practices and social distancing.

  • Avoid waiting until your condition is emergent so you don’t have to visit a populated hospital and can avoid complicated treatments or procedures that require longer recovery and cost you a fortune!

  • While primary care providers and urgent care clinics can also be an option, they often don’t have the capacity to handle specialty concerns and will have to give you a referral.

  • During this crisis time, Dr. Farooq says, “See a specialist first.” You want to be taken care of in one location and get real answers, not recommendations.

Keep in mind, tele-encounters are the cutting edge delivery of medicine and doctors to your living room. While some visits require in-office evaluation, you can save trips on appointments for results, prescriptions and simple follow-ups. Even if you require a surgery or procedure, like a colonoscopy, many pre-operative appointments can be done easily over video call.

Contact your insurance to find specialists in your network.

Look for self-pay rates too! Some providers will have competitive prices that insurances can’t beat with high deductibles and premiums.

Remember: Health is Wealth.

Use preventative health measures by ensuring your diet is rich in the right foods. The best digestive health is fueled by fiber, which scrubs your colon clean. Certain foods and supplements can also boost your natural immunity. A plant-based diet is recommended. See more of our blog to read more on these topics. Keep yourself informed and well so you don’t have any doctor visits soon!

Contact us for questions about ways to stay eat nutritious. We have a walk-in CBD Lounge, certify qualified medical cannabis patients, and offer expert colorectal care.

For more questions and consultation, call our office at (813) 278-6430.

For everyone’s protection, masks are currently required for all entry and only patient entry is permitted, no guests please. We appreciate your understanding during these difficult times.


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